Highlights: Clever, impetuous, overconfident

Attributes: CRE +1, FIT +1, KNO +2, STA 25, UD 5, AD 3

Skills: Combat Sense 2/0, Drive 1/0, Firearms 2/0, Hand-to-Hand 2/0, Navigation (land) 1/ +2, Read/Write (Keepspeak) 2/ +2, Techlore (Computer) 1/ +1, Techlore (Computer) 1/ +2, Techlore (Electronics) 1/ +2, Techlore (Mechanics) 2/ +2, Technosmithing (Jury Rig, Ignite) 3

Equipment: Rife (DM x25, 25/50/100/200 range), Miscellaneous trinkets.


As a child, Hagbard was surrounded by a constant flow of wonders from before the Fall. His parents were Keepers (and traders) of note and they instilled in him a hunger for knowledge and a thirst for ever newer and more exotic artifacts. Hagbard is now a man of many talents. A Keeper of great skill, he is also an explorer and adventurer, loving few things better than a trek through the wilds to an as-yet undiscovered site from the World Before. He is never happier than when he is planning, organizing or leading one of his expeditions into the unknown. Hagbard takes too many risks and is becoming more than a little foolhardy. One day, he simply won’t come back from one of his trips. That’s what he says. Those who know him say that he’s far too clever to succumb to a fate like that – but braver, stronger and smarter Keepers have explored the wilds and not live d to tell the tale. Whether Hagbard will join them remains to be seen.


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