Rolf the Dreamer

Rolf was once an Agnite breeder who asked too many questions. Now, he and his friends in the Dreamweavers seek to explore the lands around Vimary.


Higlhlights: Brisk, moody, cynical

Eminences: Inspiration, Shadows

Attributes: BLD +1, FIT +1, KNO +1, WIL +2, STA 35, UD 5, AD7

Skills: Archery 2/0, Combat Sense 2/0, Dodge 2/0, Lore (Joshua) 1/ +1, Melee 2/0, Navigation (land) 2/ +1, Sneak 1/0, Survival 2/0, Synthesis (Wonder) 2

Equipment: Sword (AD +8), bow (DM x7, 5/10/20/40 range)


Rolf is a survivor. Once an Agnite Breeder, his crime was wanting to learn about the times before the Fall. His banishment quickly taught him what it took to survive as an outcast and he swore that he would never abandon his friends as his friends had abandoned him. Now, eight summers later, Rolf is a hardened man. He looks upon the tribals as simple-minded fools who willfully blind themselves to the reality of what the Fatimas are doing. He is well-known among the Keepers, many of whom are friends. Rolf and two friends (Deb and Marc) formed the Dreamweavers to map and explore the wilds around VImary.

Rolf the Dreamer

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