Yagan Outast


Highlights: Sincere, passionate, niave

Eminences: Fate, Death

Attributes: CRE +1, INF +1, PER +1, PSY -1, WIL +1, STA 25, UD 3, AD 3

Skills: Dodge 2/0, Haggling 2/ +1, Investigation 1/ +1, Melee 1/0, Mythology 1/0, Notice 2/ +1, Survival 2/ +1, Theatrics 2/ +1


Sacha was a Yagan, who was content to learn the ways of her tribe and accept her place in tribal society. But, as she grew, she became increasingly troubled. It became clear that her future within her tribe was not bright. A little naive and something of a dreamer, she had not applied herself to her studies and was not being looked upon favorably. It was then that she met she was banished.

Life as a Fallen was lonely, frigtening and difficult. In time, she was adopted into a cell (the Dreamweavers). Their adventures in the wild filled a need in her soul, as did their trust and ease with one another.


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